Time to get inspired!

Let’s wrap up 2020 on a high and prepare for 2021.

Dylan Alcott and Carolyn Creswell are joining us as part of our Midday Pep Talks series, we know you are going to love it!

Carolyn CreswellEvent 1 – 22 October 2020
Carolyn Creswell will be joining us and we can’t wait. An amazing woman who runs a multinational company, balances a family and life in general, we look forward to spending some time with Carolyn to hear how she does it all and what we can learn from her.

Event 2 – 12 November 2020
Fresh from the US and French Opens, we will be speaking with Dylan Alcott. Dylan is an athlete, charity founder, best selling author, entrepreneur, media personality, advocate and all round game changer, and champion Australian who is sure to inspire as he shares his story of being the best version of yourself.

Two events with one ticket
Both events are part of our Midday Pep Talk series, where one ticket gets you access to these two great events.

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